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Model Number NCA1C-200A/SP3 Series Current Transducer
Usage Magnetic Sensor
Theory Current Sensor
Output Current


Detailed Product Description

NCA1CSP3 Current Transducer
Low thermal drift;High accuracy
Good current overload capability
Small size & easier installation

NCA1C/SP3 Series Current Transducer
For the electronic measurement of currents: DC, AC, pulsed, mixed, with a galvanic isolation between the primary circuit (high power) and the secondary circuit (electronic circuit).
Main technical data:
1. Primary normal current IPN (r.m.s) Primary current measuring range IP Type
50A 0~±150A NCA1C-50A/SP3
100A 0~±300A NCA1C-100A/SP3
200A 0~±600A NCA1C-200A/SP3
300A 0~±900A NCA1C-300A/SP3
400A 0~±900A NCA1C-400A/SP3
500A 0~±900A NCA1C-500A/SP3
600A 0~±900A NCA1C-600A/SP3
2. Supply voltage(+/-5%): ±15V
3. Current consumption: ≤25mA
4. Isolation test: Between the primary circuit to the secondary circuit(+.-.M): 3kVrms/50Hz/1min
5. Normal output voltage @RL=10,000 ohm , TA=+25 oC: 4V rms
6. Loading resistance: ≥ 10,000 ohm
Accuracy – Dynamic performance Data
1. Accuracy @ IPN, TA=+25 oC: ≤±1%(Secondary nominal output)
≤±4%(Overload current)
2. Non-linearity (0~ IPN): ≤±1%(Secondary nominal output)
≤±4%(Overload current)
3. Electrical offset voltage VOE, TA=+25oC : ≤±40mV
4. Thermal drift of VOE: ≤±1mV/ ºC (-10ºC~+70ºC)
5. Thermal drift of the gain (% of reading): ≤±0.1%/ ºC(-10ºC~+70ºC)
6. Response time (@ 90% of IP): ≤ 3us
7. di/dt accurately followed: > 50A/us

General data:
1. Operating temperature: -10 oC ~+70 oC
2. Storage temperature: -25 oC ~+85 oC
3. Weight: approx. 60g±5g
4. Standards: EN50178
1. Hall effect measuring principle
2. Galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit

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